Bell-Village: Bikers Use a Pedestrian Bridge

9 years, 6 months ago - 5 June 2013, The Défi Media Group
Bell-Village: Bikers Use a Pedestrian Bridge
Gateway Village Bell is still talking about it. This time, motorcyclists use, which constitutes a danger to pedestrians. The authorities intend to crack.

Gateway Bell-Village was built in 2011 after many requests from residents and users of the place with the authorities. However, it turns out that some people do not make good use.

Ouma, whose daughter attends the school James Burty David, Bell Village, expressed concern on the show Xplik or K on Thursday morning: "My daughter must take this bridge every morning, like most of his students school. Unfortunately, for some time, motorcyclists take this route. They do not push their motorcycles, but run squarely among pedestrians and it is very dangerous, "says the mother.

This case is unfortunately not an single case. During the program, another auditor also expressed the same problem in Roche-Bois.

Contacted in this regard, Const ... Perrimadlon the Traffic Branch, spoke to reassure users of the bridge: "We will immediately contact the police station in the area to ask them to ensure regular patrols where indicated." It also launched a warning to potential offenders, "There are signs that clearly indicate that the lane is reserved for pedestrians. We penalized those using the bridge illegally. "

As a reminder, this bridge has been talking to her on several occasions. In February 2012, The Daily Challenge was referred to the state of disrepair of the bridge Bell-Village.

Various wastes were packed for days and nobody cares. Vandalism were recorded there and some people had an address there as night shelter. However, after the publication of the article, the authorities had the necessary and the situation had returned to normal.

In June of the same year, a perverse frightened the ladies on the same gateway. Claire, who works in the area, had raised the case after several times, a victim of evil.

This also riding his motorcycle. He watched the women, and when they arrived at his height, he showed them his private parts. Frightened, the women feared every morning to go to work because they had no choice but to take this bridge, the highway has claimed many victims, they do not want to risk the crossing. Police made aware of this case, was a policeman posted at this place for some time to ensure the safety of the ladies. It seems that since the police stopped their patrol, other problems arise.

The inhabitants of the surrounding areas expressed the hope that the authorities respond promptly to the complaint Ouma and other users of the bridge.