BikeLink Puts the Brake Lights on the Back of Your Neck

11 years, 10 months ago - 8 August 2012, Autoblog
BikeLink Puts the Brake Lights on the Back of Your Neck
When you're on a motorcycle any time of day, but especially at night, giving drivers in cars the best chance to see you before they hit you is priority one.

That's the need addressed by BikeLink, a CHMSL and then some for the two-wheeled set. A band of lights that attaches to the base of a helmet, the BikeLink can flash all of the indicators found on the bike: right and left turns, hazards and reversing, and it can operate as running lights.

It does this via a small transmitter that hooks into the bike's wiring harness – once its wired up it operates wirelessly. Its inventor says the BikeLink's lights can be color-matched to any hue, their flash patterns can be controlled with an app, and you can sync multiple helmets to one bike or sync up to two bikes to one helmet.

You can't buy one just yet, though – the BikeLink is a project on Fundable seeking $75,000 in start-up capital. At the time of writing it's up to $8,376, with pledges starting at $109 that will get you the unit.