BMW Driver Won't Stop Lapping Nurburgring Even With Door Falling Off

5 years, 8 months ago - 16 May 2017, Carbuzz
BMW Driver Won't Stop Lapping Nurburgring Even With Door Falling Off
Did this guy just not notice that his door was disintegrating or was he too focused to care?

Just another sunny day at the Nurburgring, nothing going on really, just the sweet sweet sound of wide open throttles and tires squealing as they hold on for dear life through each apex. To the outsider, the excitement is a whole lot less dramatic than what the driver experiences. Inside the cabin, it's all white knuckle focus, so intent that the driver of this E46 BMW 3 Series doesn't realize his rear passenger door is open and on the verge of coughing up the interior trim covering the door.

Either that or the driver is so engrossed in the lap that they don't have the time to care about a pesky piece of interior trim. If it gets lost, weight reduction amirite? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and claim it's the former situation, which would make the mistake a bit more forgivable.

It's plausible that the driver's senses are dulled by focus and the sound of a wailing inline-six, which is enough to drown out the wind noise of the open door and the rattling of the interior door trim, though someone needs to alert this driver at some point. That's because, aside from causing costly damage, the real danger lies with the piece of interior trim snapping off of the electrical wiring anchoring it to the car and causing a vehicle behind the Bimmer to get into an accident. Nobody said racing was anything less than a full contact sport.