BMW Motorrad Introduces ConnectedRide Smartglasses

4 months, 3 weeks ago - 14 July 2023, RideApart
BMW Motorrad Introduces ConnectedRide Smartglasses
No special helmet required. BMW Motorrad’s ConnectedRide glasses are transferable and last for up to 10 hours on a charge.

BMW Motorrad unveiled the ConnectedRide Smartglasses on July 7, 2023, and it features head-up display (HUD) technology for motorcyclists. These glasses project real-time data like navigation and speed onto the rider's field of vision in a bid to enhance rider safety and awareness. 

The brand wrote in its press release: “What was still considered science fiction a few years ago is now becoming reality with the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses. The innovative motorcycle goggles provide the head-up display technology already familiar from the automotive sector and project all relevant data, such as navigation, speed or gear, directly into the rider’s field of vision in real time, thus enabling particularly anticipatory and thus safer motorcycle riding.”

Augmented reality helmets have been cropping up here and there, with Forcite being one of the latest to field a feasible and workable motorcycle helmet done with the concept. BMW Motorrad is throwing its hat into the ring minus the helmet, and it could prove to be a more universal choice. 

Connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and an app, the smart glasses allow riders to customize settings using the handlebar-mounted multi-controller. With a comfortable fit for various helmets and face shapes, they offer up to ten hours of battery life.

The package includes two sets of UVA/UVB lenses, with one tinted and the other 85% transparent. An RX adapter is available for prescription glasses wearers.

As for the product’s other key features, it comes in two sizes, medium and large, with swappable nose pads for an optimal fit. It also features real-time GPS data projection, allowing riders to see their GPS navigation data—quite literally—on the road. It can even display the bike’s information which includes but is not limited to vehicle speed and current gear. 

The retail price of this augmented reality pair of glasses is set at 690 EUR or about $750 USD. Though it may be a bit on the expensive side for a pair of glasses, the ability of this technology to seamlessly transfer from one helmet to another is a big draw for the adoption of augmented reality for riders, however, only time will tell whether the glasses will find widespread use.