BMW unveils its Vision ConnectedDrive Concept at 2011 Geneva Auto Show

12 years, 3 months ago - 2 March 2011
BMW unveils its Vision ConnectedDrive Concept at 2011 Geneva Auto Show
by Drew Phillips/AOL
BMW has shown its latest concept car, which is in part a research tool for the automaker as it looks towards the future of mobile networking. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept is a two-passenger roadster seeking to push new boundaries in the realm of automotive technology.

The cabriolet concept borrows much of its design from the Vision EfficientDynamics concept that's on the way to manufacture, but this showcar focuses on three areas; comfort, safety and infotainment. Each category provides feedback and data to the driver by means of a light display spread throughout the vehicle.

In the cabin, the driver will be able to monitor a multitude of information thanks to a three-dimensional head-up display. The HUD incorporates augmented reality to display point-of-interest icons and road information into the driver's field of vision. The display is fully customizable, and the driver can fine-tune the amount of information and how it's displayed in front of him or her. Interestingly enough, BMW has provided no information about what powers this concept – either in reality or merely conceptually.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept is the automaker's view of where automotive information technology is heading. By providing the driver with as much or as little information as he or she desires, the driver is able to make a closer connection with the vehicle. It may be merely a study at this point, but it's a peek at a future where the driver is still in control... and that's something we can stand behind.