Busy freeway closed to save tiny kitten

7 years, 1 month ago - 23 April 2017, Autoblog
Busy freeway closed to save tiny kitten
It's probably fair to say that no one likes to see animals in distress. Well, not serious distress at any rate. Officials in Abu Dhabi are so concerned with animal welfare that they closed a busy, eight-lane street this week to rescue a kitten.

According to Gulf News, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Department received a call on April 20 reporting a small, black kitten stranded near the median on Shaikh Zayed Street. Also known as Salam Street, this massive eight-lane thoroughfare is the longest road in the United Arab Emirates and forms the main artery in a number of major cities. A Civil Defense team was dispatched to the scene and, with help from officers of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police, they blocked off four lanes of the busy road. Once the road was closed, the kitten was quickly recovered from the median as heavy traffic screamed by in the opposite direction.

Colonel Mohammad Abdul Jaleel Al Ansari, Director General of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, said in a press release that the group "always deals with such incidents seriously by upholding the humanitarian and animal welfare principles."

Animals wandering into busy traffic and causing chaos has been a thing lately. A couple weeks ago, a flock of wild turkeys clogged up traffic on a Boston-area freeway. Then there were these horses that went gallivanting along a SoCal freeway to the amazement of commuters, and in 2016 this bull led Texas police on a merry chase. We don't know where these animals are going that they need to be on the freeway, but it's a shame they couldn't find someone to give them a lift.