Car plunges into massive hole, driver isn't worried

6 years, 3 months ago - 21 December 2016, motor1
Car plunges into massive hole, driver isn't worried
Alabama driver gives a lesson in the important of keeping your eyes on the road.

We've all done it. We've all been driving along, concentrating so hard on something else that the driving thing gets forgotten.

You can only hope that you remember what you're doing before anything drastic happens. Like driving into a huge, water-filled pit.

A pair of ladies were driving around an industrial park in Pelham, Alabama looking for the Candle Supplies outlet when they rounded a corner and somehow didn't see the giant hole in the road that was right in front of them.

The car nosedived in with a crash and a splash, followed by a flapping noise from a dismembered drive shaft. If you can watch the dashcam footage without wincing, you're made of sterner stuff than I am.

But are the ladies worried? Not in the slightest. Surprised and confused, but not worried. Even when they see smoke, they remain unperturbed. As someone comes up to help, one of the ladies even asks "Do you know where Candle Supplies is?" As if that information is helpful in that moment.

It turns out the ladies had actually driven into a loading dock, filled with water on that particular rainy day. As you can see in the Google Street View image of the park below, the dock is only about three or four feet deep. But that kind of drop is more than enough to do some serious damage. Indeed, the car was probably totaled.

Just to make matters worse for them, it seems the store the ladies were looking for was actually down the previous turn.

In some fairness, the dock wasn't clearly marked, and the chain link barrier seen on Street View doesn't appear to have been in place. But even so, it takes a huge level of inattention to not see such a gigantic hole.