Cars: Nissan Recalls 841,000 Vehicles

10 years ago - 25 May 2013, The Défi Media Group
Cars: Nissan Recalls 841,000 Vehicles
Once again, Japanese cars are recalled for technical problems. However, at this stage in Mauritius is not affected in any case for cars that were sold new.

This recall involves 841,000 Nissan vehicles. It is produced Nissan March in the UK and Japan between 2002 and 2006, as well as Nissan Cube made in Japan during the same period. If the Nissan Cube is relatively rare on our roads, this is not the case of the Nissan March, which was a commercial success in the world as in Mauritius.

According to the mother house of Nissan in Japan, the bolt used in the wheel of these cars can not be properly tightened. At worst it can lock the steering. However, the manufacturer says that so far no accidents related to this issue have been reported. Nissan states that the remedy of the tightening bolt or change the steering wheel takes about 40 minutes. The Japanese company, however, did not disclose how much the recall will cost him.

To return to Mauritius, an authorized source ABC Motors, the official local representative of Nissan, said that the vehicles sold by the dealer are not affected. He explained that for the simple reason that the parent has not contacted ABC Motors to recall these vehicles.

On second-hand vehicles imported from Japan by specialized resellers, according to Zaid Ameer, president of the Dealers in Used Imported Vehicles Association (DIVA), it takes the list of chassis numbers disclosed by Nissan. We then know if these cars in Mauritius therein. Then it will be determined whether the responsibility of the local representative of the brand to support the possible vehicles involved repairs. "It may take some time," says Zaid Ameer.