China doesn’t like Lamborghini. Or Lamborghini doesn’t like its customers?

12 years, 2 months ago - 16 March 2011
China doesn’t like Lamborghini. Or Lamborghini doesn’t like its customers?
What could be happened if you want to smash a car priced minimum $529,000? According to reports, the hapless Lamborghini Gallardo was purchased about six months ago by a resident of Qingdao, China. In his short period of ownership, the man has apparently had a few issues with the car.

In one case, the Lamborghini wouldn't start, so the owner had it towed to the local dealer. Upon arrival at the service bay, the owner found that the car had been damaged in transit. No one would claim responsibility and the original non-starting issue still weren’t fixed.

The Gallardo owner attempted to escalate the issue within the Lamborghini family, ultimately trying to reach out to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann. No response or solution has been offered so the owner has become decidedly frustrated. So frustrated, in fact, that he decided destroying his Lamborghini in public would be the best way to garner attention.

According to the report, the owner is trying to make a point that China is home to a growing number of individuals capable of purchasing luxury items. Companies realize this and are making increased efforts to offer their products to the Chinese people. However, the Lamborghini owner believes that the Chinese people do not get the same level of service found in other markets. By smashing his Gallardo, he's certainly captured media attention.

By the way, a new Lamborghini Gallardo, which typically sells for $230,000 on up, retails for between $529,000 and $757,000 USD in China.