Crane lifting a crane will need a crane of its own

12 years, 8 months ago - 25 September 2011
Crane lifting a crane will need a crane of its own
If you've ever worked in the construction industry, you know there's a lot of experimentation and trial and error that goes into completing a job.

Every site brings its own unique challenges to the table, requiring its workers to come up with ingenious solutions to problems most people simply never have to worry about.

We're guessing that's what happened here. It would seem a crew of Russian workers needed to move a crane from one spot to another. Their tool of choice? Another, larger crane. Unfortunately, gravity and physics had other plans.

Now the only question is whether they're going to use another rig to rescue the now bruised equipment at the bottom of the ravine or simply leave it there and backfill over top of the damaged machine before the boss arrives. We're thinking this is another, slightly more terrifying view of this incident.