The Dodge Demon's massive hood scoop sucks air like a jet intake

6 years, 1 month ago - 11 February 2017, Autoblog
The Dodge Demon's massive hood scoop sucks air like a jet intake
You know what they say about cars with big hood scoops? They usually hide big blowers.

At least that's the case with the Dodge Demon and its 45-inch wide hood scoop, the largest ever fitted to a factory production car. The fifth Demon teaser, "Forced Induction," shows off the increased capacity of the car's air intake and the resurrection of the Air Grabber hood scoop on Dodge's upcoming quarter-mile killer.

As with previous teasers, few details have been given outside of the Subaru-trouncing scoop's dimensions. Dodge says the scoop drops air inlet temperatures by more than 30 degrees. Where the more pedestrian Hellcat only has one air catcher headlight, both inner lights on the Demon are used to feed in air. The hood itself appears to channel air in and to the right into a new airbox that appears to be fitted with a K&N-style filter. Dodge seems intent on preventing any asthma issues with the new car. Standing in front of the car might literally take your breath away.

Outside of that, the images don't show any new cryptic messages like previous teasers, or at least none that we can spot. One thing we did notice was that the engine block appears to be painted red, not orange like on the Hellcat. Doing some back and forth comparison also shows that the supercharger appears to be the same size as the current one. Of course, this is all speculative, so if you spot anything, drop a note in the comments.