Drag Racing Festival 2014: Make Your Engines Revving

9 years ago - 28 January 2014, Défi Media Group
Drag Racing Festival 2014: Make Your Engines Revving
For fans of racing. On Sunday, March 2, a Drag Racing Festival 2014 held at Jin Fei, Riche-Terre. Races "drag" for cars and motorcycles, are scheduled. They will be held over a distance of 400m and several classes will be on the agenda.

The festival will take place between 9 and 17 hours and about 70 cars and 50 motorcycles can participate. The 2012 edition was a great success and the goal this year is to do better, says Reshad Khoyratee, president of the Motorcycle Club, responsible for the organization of the festival. This event is possible thanks to the collaboration of BMT Tuning and Racing B1.

"At each festival, we try to improve ourselves. The last had gone well, but we always want to do better. We want to build more safety. Thus, the police force, ambulances and firefighters will be on hand to ensure the smooth running of the festival. This is a national event, which takes place with the agreement of the Federation of Motorsports Mauritius and law enforcement, "says our interlocutor.

The races will be held in a straight line 400m, the track doing about it, 800 meters long, leaving room for braking. Several categories are on the program and what conditions, vehicles wishing to attend must be in good standing. "The vehicles must have their insurance, their" fitness "and" declaration "... Also, drivers will have their license, while for motorcycle drivers, a "learner" at a minimum is required. Depending on the number of horses that have engines of their vehicles, participants will be directed to their respective categories, "said Reshad Khoyratee.

Entry forms are available on the Facebook event page. For more information, you can also contact the organizer on 5776 2407.