Driver’s Rs 6.57 millions showroom crash

11 years, 8 months ago - 29 September 2011
Driver’s Rs 6.57 millions showroom crash
When conducting a test drive it’s best to perhaps evaluate a potential customer’s driving skills before letting them into an expensive ride.

An unfortunate German showroom may need to evaluate its procedure since a pensioner wrecked five vehicles causing the equivalent of Rs 6.57 millions in damage.

Marlies Schiller, 77, wrote off five new vehicles while still in the showroom.

An understandably shocked Schiller was driving a Volkswagen Lupo out of the showroom when the vehicle began ‘bunny hopping’ forwards and backwards. 

She then ploughed into five vehicles and caused severe damage to the showroom.

Her drive ended when she smashed through a display window and hit a parked car outside.

An astonished police spokesperson could only comment: "The coffee machine seems to be the only thing she missed."