Drunken BBQ Leads To 64 Torched Cars

9 years, 8 months ago - 10 September 2013, Autoblog
Drunken BBQ Leads To 64 Torched Cars
The phrase "You're doing it wrong," doesn't really even begin to describe this one. We'll admit to being concerned whenever we have to park in a field.

There's always a fear, especially during dry weather, that one person's negligence could cause the whole lot to go up.
And that's almost exactly what happened in Noyal-Pontivy, Brittany, France. A cluster of cars were parked in a field outside a stunt show, when a pair of intoxicated men decided to break out the barbecue for a bit of tailgating (or whatever the French call it). The only problem being they didn't bother to put their grill out before leaving for the show.
The resulting fast-moving blaze required 40 firefighters to bring it under control, along with a farmer cutting a fire line to contain the inferno. 64 torched cars later, the police were on hand to conduct their investigation into how the wildfire started. That's when our two drunkards came forward, taking responsibility for their negligence. The men face two years in prison. Scroll down for video from the scene.