Explorer Megayacht From Gill Schmid Has Room Even for Your Ferrari

3 years, 1 month ago - 27 December 2019, autoevolution
Explorer Megayacht From Gill Schmid Has Room Even for Your Ferrari
If you’re a billionaire and an adventurer, there’s no need to sacrifice the luxury you’re used to just to go sailing the seas on an explorer vessel. New York design firm Gill Schmid is working hard with your best interests at heart.

A new concept vessel from Gill Schmid combines the functionality of an explorer yacht with the luxury of a megayacht, and is so well-appointed that you may even take your Ferrari with you. In addition to every other sea toy you could think of or might need, and exploring equipment, that is.

For the time being, this new explorer megayacht is still in concept stage, but the design firm is convinced there's a market for it. In fact, it tells Boat International that the new vessel, designed in collaboration with Tim Dempers Studio, will be built in Germany by Dörries Yachts, though it doesn't offer a timeline for the construction or the delivery.

Gill Schmid Design is well known in the industry for creating hybrid vessels of the type.

In the case of this one, for the time being, we only have renders to get an idea of how it might end up looking. This is a yet-unnamed 262-foot monster of a vessel, but boy, does it look stunning! With an aluminum superstructure and mirror-glazed exterior, it's meant to be futuristic but practical, luxurious and efficient, so it would make a wise investment for any self-respecting billionaire.

"The project is designed as a hybrid between a highly functional explorer and a super luxurious white boat," the designers say for the media outlet. Combining business and pleasure, it's the best of both worlds.

For starters, it has global range, so it will literally take its new owner everywhere. Fitted with diesel-electric propulsion system, it will be able to tread waters limited only to eco-friendly ships, but will also be efficient, fast and reliable. More importantly, the new explorer will be tough: it will meet Ice Class specifications, which is a must for any worthy explorer vessel.

The two-tone paint scheme will differentiate between each part of the vessel according to functionality: industrial silver paint for operational and technical areas, and pearlescent white paint for guest spaces. Moreover, it will have mirror-glazed finishes, which will help the vessel blend in with the environment and offer privacy to guests.

Speaking of guests, it will accommodate 14 of them and a crew of up to 25. The guests will be housed in the 7 cabins available, including the full-beam private owner's suite and 6 staterooms. The owner's suite comes with a private outdoor deck.

For entertainment, guests will be able to choose from a wide array of options. Amenities will include a cigar bar, a gym and an outdoor workout area, a spa, an outdoor jacuzzi, beauty and hair salon (because you can never afford to have a bad hair day at sea), a library, a bar and cigar area, lounge area, formal dining area and relaxation spaces. And, based on the renders, a parking space, in case you feel like you can't go on a cruise without your favorite supercar. You never know.

Other entertainment options will be made possible thanks to the many sea toys available on site: the vessel comes with a fully enclosed tender garage that can house two Triton submarines, a 39-foot limousine tender, and 4 jet skis, among others. The tender garage can open up and be used as a 3-level party space, so there's always that if the adventurer spirit in you doesn't kick in during the journey.

Being designed for the rich, the vessel will include a helipad for dropping in, and a crane that allows lowering all those toys at sea within minutes.