Heat Tuning and Motor Expo 2012: Tricked And Music!

10 years, 3 months ago - 16 October 2012, Défi Media Group
Heat Tuning and Motor Expo 2012: Tricked And Music!
Officially opened Friday, October 11, and the Heat Tuning Motor Expo 2012 ended on Sunday. It is expected that the winner will receive a round-trip ticket to Japan. His name will be known in the next two weeks.

It's a whirlwind that has been the launch of the second edition of Heat and Tuning Motorcycle Expo 2012 Friday, Jumbo Shopping Centre, Phoenix. Superpuissants body and engine, everything was there to give pep to the event. More dune dozen competitors gathered for one reason: their love for "machine-Ranze broken."

"The 'tuning' is, above all, a change in the vehicle in order to make it more efficient," that is what we said Rajesh Samonahko, manager of the company Zee Max Tuning. Owner of a Selica of origin, it says that the current cost of the car is estimated at over Rs 1M when it was purchased at Rs 450000. All the interior has been changed "shaped insert and integrated." On mechanical and electrical plans, everything has been combed. Modifier of the car "thinks it is a first in Mauritius."

Animated edition

Even if one of the mascots of the expo was the Chrysler tuned, the show has also witnessed Shelbi GT 500. Estimated at over Rs 2M pearl garnet color, the original car was a Ford Capri. Changed, the car was renamed 300 horsepower GT 500 Shelbi.

Winner of the last edition held last February, the owner said he did not want to participate in this event. "I invested Rs 780000 in that car. It dates from 1970 and has been completely changed (except chassis). This is the apple of my eye, "Rajiv Purgaus advance. "Knowing that Chrysler is a luxury car, I just wanted to arrange the car in my way.

Changes have affected all major parts: engine, braking system, lights, among others, "says the owner of the car, Jean-Philippe Brusselmans, considering even improve the power of his engine to 350 horsepower.

The second edition of Heat and Tuning Motorcycle Expo was more animated. Indeed, the evening saw the participation of DJs like David Jay Dub and Joy and a fashion show based on the theme of cars and motorcycles tuning was presented.

For his part, the director of Heat, Kit Atcheemootoo, said to be satisfied with this edition which brought together twenty competitors. Kit Atcheemooto said that the demand for this type of event has doubled. What makes the Heat Tuning and Motor Expo will certainly become a biennial event. What delights fashion designer (brand name 'Leo Assault') Pravish Sunassee. "Because I believe in my cars include clips for the promotion of my clothes, I think it was important for me to go there. In addition, it is in a spirit of innovation that designers have mounted this event dedicated to lovers of engines, "suggests designer.

"The result of the winner will be made official in the next two weeks. Thus, he had the opportunity to go to Japan, "emphasizes Kit Atcheemootoo.