Honda Pulls The Covers Off The 2022 Genio In Indonesia

10 months, 1 week ago - 24 March 2022, RideApart
Honda Genio
Honda Genio
Funky styling for the younger generation of riders.

Scooters and small-displacement commuters are all the rage in Asia. Unlike the U.S. and Europe, most urban Asian cities are extremely congested. Narrow roads and hundreds of intersections take the place of sprawling highways and boulevards, and the mish mash of pedestrians, cars, and other road users is nothing short of organized chaos. As such, two-wheeled transport is really the most time and cost-effective way to get around.

Unsurprisingly, the Asian market is home to a completely different ecosystem of motorcycles when compared to other parts of the world. All major motorcycle manufacturers have their own interpretation of the ultimate personal mobility machine, with the Japanese manufacturers, along with Indian companies like Bajaj and TVS in some countries, dominating the market. Honda, in particular, has a very attractive range of scooters in the ASEAN market, the newest of which is the Genio, which has just been refreshed for 2022 and launched in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of Honda’s biggest manufacturing hubs in Southeast Asia, as such, they tend to be the first to get new models specific to the region. The Genio is packaged as a hip and stylish lightweight two-wheeler with a youthful energy meant to attract the younger generation of riders. It takes the form of a 110cc scooter making it the ideal tool for getting around in the urban jungle. It produces 8.5 horsepower, making for a tame yet exciting experience within the confines of the city.

For the 2022 model year, the Genio gets some styling enhancements such as a new front apron that houses a redesigned headlamp. Angular turn signals are integrated into the scooter’s front end, while the sides of the apron extend beneath the floorboard and up into the rear section. This gives the scoot a continuous, streamlined aesthetic, giving it the illusion of size. In reality, the Genio is a petite little commuter, and it’s perfectly approachable to even the most novice of riders.

The new Honda Genio features a full-LED lighting system, a digital instrument panel, and even a parking brake. Safety amenities include a side-stand engine cut-off switch,a combi-brake system, and an idling stop system. The Genio even comes with a built-in USB charger allowing you to power up your mobile devices while on the go. Under-seat storage is plentiful, too, at 14 liters, however it isn’t big enough for you to store a full-face helmet. In Indonesia, the Genio fetches IDR 18,050,000, or the equivalent of $1,260 USD—pretty good value for money.