"Hot Wheels" Lamborghini Aventador Looks Ridiculous, Rapper YG Asked for Flames

4 years, 3 months ago - 2 November 2019, autoevolution
"Hot Wheels" Lamborghini Aventador Looks Ridiculous, Rapper YG Asked for Flames
here's bad news, but there's also good news revolving around the image above, so which one do you want to start with? The negative one, you say? Alright: this is not a rendering, which means an actual Lamborghini Aventador S was forced to wear such an attire.

As for the good bit, you should know we're dealing with a mere wrap, which means those flames can be removed and sent back to the 1930s Ford hot rod where they came from (you know, a car where such graphics would actually have a chance to please the eye).
How did this happen?

Well, some guy went to a certain shop and asked for it. And we're talking about Rapper YG here, a figure who recently made headlines for the wrong reasons (something that has to do with an infidelity fiasco).

As for the aftermarket specialist that made this thing possible, the V12 supercar received its second skin via RDBLA. As its name lets us know, this is a Los Angeles-based shop, with many celebrities turning to its services in their quest to turn a vehicle into an attention magnet.

Fortunately, with this year's edition of the SEMA show set to kick off in less than a week (think: October 5), we'll all get to enjoy plenty of builds, so we can get over this awful wrap.

Speaking of the Vegas venue and Lamborghini, keep in mind that the event will see the debut of the world's first manual swap Huracan, a project we've discussed on multiple occasions.

The factory V8 is no longer inside the Italin exotic, with this probably being related to the fire damage sustained by the vehicle. However, the Raging Bull is now animated by an LS, with the V8 relying on a pair of turbos to take the muscle into the four-digit area.