Jeep three-row Chinese SUV will be called Grand Commander

5 years, 4 months ago - 17 January 2018, Autoblog
Jeep three-row Chinese SUV will be called Grand Commander
China is still very much a Jeep country, and the boxy XJ generation Cherokee lived and prospered there far longer than it did in the United States — until 2014.

There have also been China-built Grand Cherokees, but the biggest Chinese Jeep has been previewed in the form of the Yuntu concept seen at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Now, leaked shots of the Yuntu's production version have emerged a couple weeks after the SUV was spotted testing still in camouflage, and it appears to wear the nameplate Grand Commander.

While a name like Grand Wagoneer would have been a stronger memento of Jeeps gone by, at least it's not called Grand Compass or Grand Nitro. The official reveal of the Grand Commander is expected to be held at the Beijing Auto Show in April, where more information will be available. Car News China says the big, nearly 16-foot-long SUV is a seven-seater, and the engine is the same 2-liter turbo unit also seen in the freshly updated Wrangler. There will be two power levels, 234 hp and 265 hp.

The Grand Commander will most likely remain China-only, where it will be priced at $38,000. That sees it competing with Volkswagen's large Teramont SUV, which starts at nearly $45,000.