Kia Seltos Flies Off The Dealer Lot, Literally

3 years, 3 months ago - 12 December 2019, motor1
Kia Seltos Flies Off The Dealer Lot, Literally
The Seltos is a huge hit in India, but that's not the reason why this one flew off the showroom floor.

Kia took its sweet time entering the Indian market, but as the saying goes, better late than never. Despite only having a single model on sale in the world's second most populous country, Kia is already the fourth largest automaker in the country as far as sales volumes. In just a matter of months, the Seltos has blossomed to become the most popular SUV in India, with more than 40,000 units sold and more than 80,000 orders registered.

You could say the crossovers are flying off the dealer lots, but this statement unfortunately has a literal meaning for the Navi Mumbai dealership in Panvel. In a rather peculiar accident documented by Rush Lane, a Seltos display car located on the building's first floor smashed through the window and ended up hitting another Seltos that was about to be delivered to its rightful owner.

Local reports are suggesting a Kia dealer employee wanted to park the silver Seltos in its display spot, but instead of switching into reverse, he accidently put the crossover in gear and drove it through the window. It landed nose down, causing some serious damages that will surely cost a pretty penny, but what matters the most is that no injuries have been reported following the odd incident.

In a rather unfortunate coincidence, a similar accident took place earlier this year in India at a dealership belong to Kia's sister brand Hyundai. A prospective Elite i20 customer hopped behind the wheel of the supermini while the car was still inside the building and drove it off through the window before colliding with another vehicle located in the adjacent parking lot.

Moral of the story? The next time you're near the building of a car dealership, watch out for vehicles on the loose.