Lewis Hamilton Never Paid His Father for Being His Manager

9 years, 1 month ago - 9 December 2013, Autoblog
Lewis Hamilton Never Paid His Father for Being His Manager
Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton once offered to give his father and former manager, Anthony, a cash gift of up to $4 million after the father-son pair split in 2010.

But in a court hearing, he said he never was paid by his son nor accepted cash gifts from him, The Telegraph reports. The court hearing was part of a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination and loss of earnings filed by A. Hamilton against Paul Di Resta, an F1 driver he managed until he was sacked in 2012.

L. Hamilton at some point withdrew the multi-million dollar gift to his father for unknown reasons, and A. Hamilton said in the hearing that he didn't know why his son withdrew the gift. "It is not my place to go money-grabbing to my son. It's not my business. He makes his own decisions," he said.

While A. Hamilton didn't end up taking the gift, he did say under cross-examination that he intended to put it into a HSBC bank account in Guernsey linked to a company in the British Virgin Islands that is registered to Davidson Hamilton, his father. But A. Hamilton said that his intention was not to hide the money by placing it in the account, and he said he wanted his sisters to be the "ultimate beneficiaries" of the money.

D. Hamilton, through all this, was suffering from an unspecified affliction and was not in control of his actions, The Telegraph reports, and Paul Downes, who is representing Di Resta in the case, said that A. Hamilton actually was in control of the company registered to his father. A sordid affair if we've ever heard one...