Meet Strati: World's First Printed Car

8 years, 4 months ago - 17 September 2014, Carbuzz
Meet Strati: World's First Printed Car
And they pulled it off in just 45 hours.

 You've heard of all the cool things people are doing with 3D printing, like create castles, violins and even slapping your own head on a Pez dispenser. Good news for us, Oak Ridge National Laboratory has successfully printed the first car at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. The assembly process utilized a process called Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). Local Motors planned to build one in 44 hours, but took 45, exceeding projections by only an hour. Not too shabby.

The Strati uses material science and advanced manufacturing techniques developed at The US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Labratory.

It has only 40 parts, far fewer than traditionally assembled automobiles, as well as an electric drivetrain. Marvel at the meticulous process here.