Mercedes Joins Audi’s Four Rings Challenge By Doing Donuts With C63

2 years, 11 months ago - 10 April 2020, motor1
Mercedes Joins Audi’s Four Rings Challenge By Doing Donuts With C63
Looks like a friendly taunt, but cool, nonetheless.

On March 28, 2020, Audi posted a call to action to its fans and followers all over the globe to submit artworks, either through images or videos, that will represent the brand's four rings. The marque called it the Four Rings Challenge, which, of course, came with a hashtag.

This request was heard, naturally, so Audi posted the submitted images and videos on its Facebook page, which you can watch below.

However, it seems like Audi fans aren't the only ones who joined the challenge. Mercedes-Benz took the challenge as well and posted its very own Four Rings Challenge through its Facebook page on April 9, 2020.

Of course, the response from Stuttgart wasn't just an ordinary artwork. In a complete absence of coy, Mercedes put up a video of an AMG C63 doing four donuts, which you can watch on the video on top of this page.

Mercedes' post on social media came with the caption, "Hey Audi, #FourRingsChallenge accepted! As we're all united in the same passion, here we go with our creative contribution. @Audi, we hope you like the result and show us how your handwriting looks like."

Mercedes' response sounded like a friendly taunt, and we're really interested in seeing Audi's answer to Stuttgart's own call to action. We're pretty sure that the Audi headquarters have already seen this video and probably put a faint smile on their faces.

Will Audi ever send a reply? We'll see, but for what it's worth, it's refreshing to see these brands engaging in a friendly competition amid the global coronavirus crisis – something to lighten the mood within their circles of fans and followers.