Mercedes Trolls Kids With Uncrashable Toy Cars

7 years, 7 months ago - 12 October 2015, Autoblog
Mercedes Trolls Kids With Uncrashable Toy Cars
Kids love crashing toy cars. Adults in the real thing, not so much. That's the angle behind Mercedes' latest ad, crafted to promote the company's latest safety systems.

The video clip humorously posits what would happen if Mercedes gave out sets of toy cars with strong magnets in them that would prevent kids from crashing them into each other. Needless to say, the kids depicted are not amused by the endeavor. And neither would we have been when we were that age. But the point is nevertheless made.

That point is to highlight the company's Brake Assist System Plus – Benz-speak for an automatic braking system – fitted in the new C-Class (among other models). The technology uses two radar systems – one mounted behind the three-pointed star in the grille and another in the front bumper – to detect other vehicles on the road, and, when necessary, apply the brakes. It'll also flash the brake lights to warn drivers behind. The inclusion of Cross-Traffic Assist applies the same measures at intersections, while Pre-Safe Brake adds pedestrian detection into the mix, as well.

The creative campaign is the work of the Jung von Matt/Alster ad agency in Germany. And it strikes us as a clever way to showcase the system – or at very least, it looks better than some of the German automaker's previous attempts from ten years ago.