Need For Speed Gets the Full-Length Trailer Treatment

9 years, 6 months ago - 28 November 2013, Autoblog
Need For Speed Gets the Full-Length Trailer Treatment
Does there need to be a Need For Speed movie? Isn't the video game franchise enough? We would submit, no and yes, respectively and respectfully.

Need doesn't enter in to the equation however, and it seems as though Hollywood believes that its high time The Fast and the Furious stopped hogging all those cheezy-car-movie dollars to itself.

And, to be fair, we'll probably go see this. For starters, Aaron Paul is among our favorite two-first-name actors. Second, based on this one-liner-laden trailer, we get a sense that this ode to special effects and high-dollar cars will make for a good popcorn flick at the very least. Look! It's a Mustang racing a helicopter, or something...

It'll be worth the price of admission just to see how Michael Keaton – apparently playing a jaded disc jockey that comments, on-air, about the intimate details of street racing – is worked into this opus of fromage. Delivering lines like, "I can feel love, vengeance, and motor oil all swirling together," we hope Keaton at least gets to put a grandkid through college or something.