From Nissan GT-R to Honda CR-Z at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

12 years ago - 17 January 2011
Japan's customizers and tuners have taken a big liking to Honda's CR-Z.
Japan's customizers and tuners have taken a big liking to Honda's CR-Z.
The 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's premier tuner-show started at Friday. Dozens of super-power Nissan GT-Rs dominate the show. Japan's customizers and tuners have also taken a big liking to Honda's CR-Z.

At the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, which opened Friday, Nissan GT-Rs with serious horsepower was presented. All the best-known tuning names — Top Secret, TommyKaira and Blitz—had a snap at the GT-R. The highest number was seeing on the Blitz stand, where a heavily-looked white GT-R was presumed to put out an amazing 1 000 horsepower.

On its own stand, Nissan introduced the GT-R RC, a lightweight, track-based special with slick-tire-compatible suspension, this paled in comparison with the other more steroidal GT-Rs in the halls.

Toyota already had body-kitted versions of its new Yaris compact on its stand, but many were disappointed that the eagerly awaited FT-86 sport coupe, co-developed with Subaru, didn't get another airing. Subaru, in turn, has now said it will preview its version of this boxer-engine, rear-drive coupe at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show in March.

Buried at the back of Toyota's stand was the TES Concept T-Sports, a lightweight open sports-car concept that's actually a Daihatsu Copen underneath. Too bad about the styling, but the 1.5-liter, rear-drive package, in theory, puts it in the Miata ballpark.

Honda's show car was the TS-1X, a matte-black CR-Z with some highly evolved aerodynamic add-ons, but stock engine/suspension. The tuning community clearly thinks differently from Honda: Top Secret, for one, had a CR-Z turbo kit on show that could bump the hybrid's output up as far as 310 horsepower.

Then there was the Value Progress Drag Star F1 Dragon, a fearsomely long-nose "drag" special (it's a Toyota MR-S underneath). The Honda-based Artis Fit Hybrid Type Grinder Tattoo with luminous paint also stood out. So did the eye-popping NATS Wamerican, which, believe it or not, was once a first-generation Miata.