NSX vs GT-R: Which Japanese Legend Will Continue To Be Relevant?

7 years, 1 month ago - 26 October 2016, Carbuzz
Acura NSX vs Nissan GT-R
Acura NSX vs Nissan GT-R
Usually, when two cars are being compared, we have one in mind that we prefer heading into the comparison.

However, this one is extremely close. On one side, you have the "new" Nissan GT-R which was recently refreshed. Although, you'd be hard-pressed to find many differences. On other side you have the long awaited revival of the Acura NSX, which turned out to be a heavy, hybrid disappointment compared to its legendary predecessor.

We aren't saying that either of these cars is bad, but when you factor in the expectations of their legendary nameplates, both cars do little to make us excited. So which will be the winner of this Head 2 Head?

After driving both cars, the guys at Motortrend come to a very close decision on these cars. We won't spoil the results, but clearly neither met the high expectations of their nameplates. We waited for so long to finally see the new NSX, but the whole idea of a fuel efficient supercar seemed to be baffling. The GT-R on the other hand wasn't necessarily a disappointment, but it isn't that much different from the car that was released back in 2008. Hopefully Nissan will learn from Acura's mistake, because the NSX has done little to create a halo effect for the brand. Unfortunately, we would bet money that the next GT-R will be just like the NSX, a pointless hybrid.