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NTC Strike: Development [Updates to 16.30] - Strike Suspended

26 June 2013 - Défi Media Group

NTC Strike: Development [Updates to 16.30] - Strike Suspended

Employees of the National Transmission Corporation (NTC) decided late Tuesday, June 25 to begin a general strike for Wednesday, June 26. Decision in protest at the government's decision to allocate some lines where the NTC operates a monopoly to other bus companies. Employees say "fear" for their employment.

The general strike, which is illegal, is fraught with consequences to the extent that it affects the network of public transport in many parts of the country.

Ashwin Dookun, chairman of the NTC, said on Radio More Tuesday, June 25 to 22 hours it is "ready to call" emergency meeting "board" to find a solution. 


22 h 35: Vincent Arifat, president of the Mauritius Employers' Federation (MEF) said on Radio More general strike in case of bus NTC on Wednesday 26 June, the situation should be managed case by case: "Employers need to adapt to the situation and make a decision because there are many who have their own transportation."

At the same time, several employees gathered at the headquarters of the NTC in Bonne Terre, Vacoas. They are "divided", found on the spot reporter Elvissen Adaken Radio Plus, following the declaration Ashwin Dookun [president of the NTC], which says "ready to call" emergency meeting "board" to find a solution.

22 h 50: Alan Ganoo "ready" to negotiate for employees

The Leader of the Opposition, speaking on Radio Plus, says "solidarity" to the employees of the NTC and said it is the government and ministers to come into play in order to find a solution. Alan Ganoo also said "ready" to negotiate for the employees of the NTC.

23 h 02: Always present at the headquarters of the NTC in Bonne Terre, Ashwin Dookun said "wait" a decision of the Director Robin Soonarane about holding an emergency board meeting of the NTC. Questions Axcel Chenney and Dinesh Seeharee, he said he talked to Robin Soonarane the phone, who informed him that the Minister of Transport Anil Bachoo told him to "wait until Wednesday morning" to make a decision.

23 h 04: Radio Plus announces Anil Bachoo convened an emergency meeting with his ministry.

23 h 33: "This strike will not affect the students," said Vasant Bunwaree, Minister of Education, on Radio Plus. He confirmed that all schools will be open on Wednesday, June 26. According to him, only twenty NTC bus carrying students, especially in areas of Rivière du Rempart, Savanne, Black River, and in the center of the island. He said he had already begun discussions with the National Transport Authority (NTA) so that private companies will provide bus links.

23 h 35: The examinations provided this Wednesday, June 26 in some schools will be maintained, said Vasant Bunwaree.

23 h 40: Alan Ganoo arrives at the headquarters of the NTC in Bonne Terre and address the assembled onsite employees. He returned to the PNQ he sent in mid-day the National Assembly.

26 of June

00: 20 pm Location unchanged. All bus NTC remain in the garage on Wednesday 26 June.

07 h 00: The slogan of strike followed. Anil Bachoo said on Radio Plus it does not intend to back down. Its priority is to find a solution for students, workers and patients, said the Minister of Transport.

07 h 15: "brown van" is attacked by employees of the NTC. The Road to Good Earth is closed.

07 h 40: The hunger striker Gerard Sam is taken to hospital.

08 h 00: The tension is palpable outside the headquarters of the NTC in Bonne Terre. Elements of the Special Mobile Force [SMF] are summoned on hand to deal with any eventuality.

Shakeel Mohamed: "Some employees may lose their jobs"

08 h 05. Shakeel Mohamed, Minister of Labour, spoke on Radio Plus. He speaks of an illegal strike. "Some employees may lose their jobs," he warns. "Some people have an agenda: they want to strike. Yet the minister Anil Bachoo gave formal guarantee in Parliament on Tuesday that the decision to allocate some roads to private operators is only a temporary measure, "he adds.

Anil Bachoo: "Go back to work"

08 h 10: Anil Bachoo appeal to employees of the NTC on Radio Plus. "I ask the comrades of the NTC to resume their work. The police are there to protect you, "he says.

No. 4 of The Government reiterates that the decision to allocate some lines where the NTC operates a monopoly, other bus companies is only a temporary measure, until the NTC renews its fleet. "We have already started the procedures for the acquisition of 65 buses," he says.

Anil Bachoo is adamant that the law will be applied if the employees maintain their strike. "Did not kids ek economy, security dimoune fate ek enn country. Li could easily skipped pounded chacaine bizin assumes responsibility so, "he insists.

08 h 20: Vive voltage Solferino. A passenger van is trashed by strikers. Elements of the Special Supporting Unit are summoned on the spot. They are ready to intervene.

08 h 25: Two employees of the NTC were arrested for trashing a van. They were taken to the police station Quatre-Bornes.

08 h 41: Alan Ganoo, the Leader of the Opposition, demanding that the Prime Minister. He asks Navin Ramgoolam to open dialogue with the employees' union of the NTC to find a solution.

08 h 45: two strikers were arrested by police after the incident in which a van was ransacked in Solferino. The employees' union of the NTC is demanding that the Prime Minister that the four arrested strikers are released. They have nothing to do in these incidents, according to the union.

09 h 00: high tension to the filing of the NTC in Souillac.

09 h 12:four arrested employees are released.

09 h 25  : The wife of the owner of the van was ransacked in Bonne Terre, Vacoas, spoke on Radio Plus. She claims that her husband was carrying factory workers. And he holds a license in good standing to convey these workers.

09 h 29  : An employee of the NTC of emergency led to the Victoria Hospital. He fainted during a rally outside the headquarters of the NTC in Bonne Terre.

09 h 30  : The Minister Shakeel Mohamed is ready  to  open negotiations with the employees' union of the NTC. The union said Reaaz Chuttoo expect a decision by employees of the corporation to decide how to proceed. The employees claim that the lines allocated to other transport operators return to the NTC.

09h 32  : A driver of the NTC complains about working conditions on Radio Plus. Drivers with 25 years of service shall receive a monthly salary of Rs 10,000, he says.

09 h 42  : The employees agree that their union representatives engage in discussions with ministers and Anil Bachoo Shakeel Mohamed. They will be represented by the union Ashok Subron, Reaaz Chuttoo Alain Kistnen Deepak Benydin and Jane Ragoo. The strike is maintained in the meantime.

10 h 03  : Situation unchanged at the headquarters of the NTC. Strong police presence in Bonne Terre. Trade unionists are en route to Port Louis where they will meet the ministers and Shakeel Mohamed Anil Bachoo for negotiations. The strikers warn their union representatives: "Do not enter into the trap of Ministers. Return with concrete answers. "

10 h 05  : Several students from the University of Technology of Mauritius were able to take the exams on Wednesday morning. Vandhana Gungabissoon, head of the Division of Student Affairs, asks them not to worry. They will not be penalized.  

10 h 06 : Jugnauth, leader of the MSM, spoke on Radio Plus. Minister Bachoo, he is fully responsible for the situation in the NTC. "The government must take responsibility," he says.

11 h 00  : Anil Bachoo meeting trade unionists in his office. Objective: To find a way out of crisis.

12 h 03  : The meeting continued to Anil Bachoo office.

12 h 05  : Situation still tense at the headquarters of the NTC. The strikers expect the impact of the meeting between ministers Anil Bachoo, Shakeel Mohamed and trade unionists.

13 h 45  : End of the meeting between the union and the ministers Anil Bachoo and Shakeel Mohamed. Ashok Subron said on Radio Plus that decision at this meeting will be announced in Bonne Terre, Vacoas, in the presence of hunger striker Sam Gerard and employees of the NTC. "There was a lot of discussion at this meeting," he says. He does not want to say more at this stage.

13 h 52  : "There was a frank discussion at this meeting. We denounced the 'mismanagement', "said the union Reeaz Chuttoo on Radio Plus.

14 h 00  : Wage negotiations for employees of the NTC will start next Monday. Anil Bachoo agrees  that  only the NTC again desserve line 141 (Port-Louis/Henrietta). Trade unionists are en route to Good Earth, Vacoas, where strikers are always together. They expect the impact of the meeting between ministers and Anil Bachoo Shakeel Mohamed and trade unionists. They will then decide if they will end their strike or not. 

15 h 02  : The situation is under control at Victoria Station after school hours.

15 h 20  : Ashok Subron aimed at employees of the NTC in Bonne Terre speaks of a "victory for the workers." He says that the NTC serve again on line 141 (Port-Louis/Henrietta) from tomorrow. Second, he said, a committee of the NTA will begin tomorrow disscussions with union to discuss the government's decision to allocate rows where the NTC operated monopoly to other bus companies. Thirdly, it announces that the negotiations on the application of wage revision of employees of the NTC will start on Monday. Ashok Subron said he also received a formal guarantee that the NTC will be privatized and that there will be no layoffs at the company. He also announced that the strikers will get their day's pay for Wednesday, June 26.

15 h 29  : The strikers are not satisfied on certain points. They have not yet decided if they will put an end to the general strike or not.

15 h 31  : The employees' union of the NTC ask the strikers to return to work tomorrow. The majority of employees are opposed.

15 h 36  : Maintaining the strike: Employees are divided on the issue.

15 h 40  : Anil Bachoo hosts a press conference.

15 h 46  : Anil Bachoo appeal to the common sense of the strikers. He asked them to return to work. "Already the strike is illegal. If employees of the NTC maintain their strike, as a responsible government, we must make decisions to ensure that passengers are not penalized, "he says.

15 h 55  : It is unclear at the headquarters of the NTC. Employees have not yet decided if they will end their strike.

15 h 57  : Shakeel Mohamed warned: there will be no negotiations if the strike continues.

15 h 59  : A bus recipient of the NTC, which became the spokesman of the employees assigned to the deposition of the NTC Souillac said on Radio Plus the strike is maintained. "We urge the authorities to make a commitment today to return to the NTC all lines allocated to other companies. We also ask that wage negotiations start today. We call commitments in writing, "he says.

16 h 18  : Ashwin Dookhun, chairman of the NTC, calls on strikers asking them to return to work.

16 h 20  : The employees of the NTC deposition Souillac are backtracking. They are ready to return to work tomorrow. "We are giving authorities until Monday to find solutions to our complaints. Otherwise, we will begin a new strike, "says a spokesman for the employees.

16 h 25  : End of the strike. "Buses of the NTC will be on our roads tomorrow." It is the assurance given by Ashwin Dookhun, chairman of the NTC, on Radio Plus. 

16 h 28 :  The strike is suspended, says union Hemraj Roy, president of the Transport Industry Workers' Union. All buses will be on the NTC roads tomorrow. Employees resume their work. "We decided to susprendre the strike. But if we do not get satisfaction from authorities, we will meet again on Monday to initiate the procedures to start a new strike, "he says.


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