Petroleum products: A commission investigation on the STC from unionists

12 years, 1 month ago - 23 April 2011
Petroleum products: A commission investigation on the STC from unionists
The Common Front calls for a commission of investigation against the State Trading Corporation (STC). According to members of this front, the major importer of petroleum products would not act transparently.

STC continues to be subject to criticism regarding the importation, distribution and sale of petroleum products. Le Front Commun contre le mal développement, which brings together trade unionists, including Raffick Bahaboor, Deepak Benydin, Rehana Ameer, Nazir and Junggee Toolsyraj Benydin, among others, as well as the Consumer Association of Mauritius (ACIM), held a press conference this Friday, April 22 at its headquarters in Port Louis.

According Jayen Chellum, a leader of the united front, the STC has its role to more consumers. A letter addressed to Prime Minister on Friday 22 April, calling for an inquiry on this organization.

"This organization is supposed to make life easier Mauritians.However, we note that in recent months, the cost of living has increased dramatically and that oil prices have soared," says Jayen Chellum.

Our contact also reveals that there are several "members of the board of TCC who was offered a job within that organization through their association with politicians, not because of their skills."

The other reason given by the common front is that consumers continue to pay for losses related to hedging and taxes to the government on petroleum products. According to Jayen Chellum this situation is unacceptable.

In addition, Le Front Commun contre le mal développement also looked at the prices of various foodstuffs. A survey was conducted by members of this movement on the display of prices on a few shops in Port Louis.

"Of the 332 outlets we visited, only 48 showed the price of their products, 234 did so in part and 50 did not.These are traders who are suffering because the small traders who offer credit opportunities may change prices at any time," says Jayen Chellum.

He also appealed to the Minister of Consumer Protection for its emphasis on the application of the law which stipulates that prices must be clearly displayed.