Place Your Bets: Nissan GT-R Vs. BMW M4 Drag Race

4 years, 9 months ago - 28 June 2018, motor1
Place Your Bets: Nissan GT-R Vs. BMW M4 Drag Race
Godzilla vs Bimmer. Both biturbo and pack a punch. Which is faster?

The GT-R has gained popularity and serious reputation when it comes to being fast, even before it set foot on the U.S. soil. In fact, this Nissan superstar is so powerful, a lot of cars were pitted up against it all around the world and in different scenarios – race track, drag strip, and drifting battles, among others. Over the years, among the challengers of Godzilla is the BMW M3. It failed many times; not sure why but it's just not enough.

So, when an M4 coupe, which is essentially lighter and more powerful than the M3, goes up against the GT-R on a quarter-mile drag strip, it's something that caught our eyes. We thought this Bimmer has a better chance against Godzilla. Not that we wanted the GT-R to lose, but a little tougher competition would be great.

On this video, there were two races, switching places after the first one. The first race saw the GT-R starting all eager to defend its crown. It immediately gained the lead, inching away from the challenger. But the M4 didn't give up too quickly. It galloped well on the strip, reducing the gap towards the end of the quarter mile, but to no avail. The GT-R won the first race with a 10.61-second time, while the M4 finished with 10.99 seconds.

At the second race, where the GT-R is closer to the camera, it looked like a tight start for the two. But again, the GT-R didn't give up its crown easily. It's relentless. Its 565-horsepower biturbo power plant was just too much for the lighter M4 to handle. And the GT-R finished even faster this time, completing the quarter mile in just 10.59 seconds, while the M4 clocked in the same at 10.99.