Polaris purchases Indian Motorcycles, will complement Victory brand

11 years, 11 months ago - 20 April 2011
Polaris purchases Indian Motorcycles, will complement Victory brand
It's spring, and that means motorcycles are back in season. Polaris must be in a buying mood, as the recreational vehicle giant announced that it has purchased Indian Motorcycles.

Terms of the sale have not been disclosed, but the move has certainly given Polaris a stronger foothold in the American-made motorcycle market. Polaris also owns Victory, which makes cruiser and tourer bikes that compete directly with models from Harley Davidson.

Polaris hasn't announced any specific plans for Indian Motorcycles, but the post-jump press release does say that the motorcycle maker will operate as an autonomous brand. Polaris CEO Scott Wine says he's excited to be part of the revitalization of America's first motorcycle builder, adding, "With our technology and vision, we are confident we will deliver the classic Indian motorcycle, enhanced by the quality and performance for which Polaris and Victory are known."

Though the Indian name has been around for over a century, the company was only last restarted in 2006, and the first motorcycles from the reborn brand were sold as 2009 models. The company couldn't exactly take on Harley Davidson in that short a span, but the addition of Polaris know-how and a fully stocked parts bin from which to draw upon could give Indian a big boost.