Polluting Vehicles: Police Rages

10 years, 7 months ago - 20 June 2012, Défi Media Group
Polluting Vehicles: Police Rages
If your car spews smoke, beware! The police of the Environment on the alert. Tuesday, on the M1 up to Montagne Ory, a team of this specialized unit, conducted by the inspectors and Dimba Breaststroke, was hard at work.

The purpose of the maneuver was: to conduct a rigorous control of cars, trucks and other vehicles with diesel fuel. At the same time, officials want to educate road users to the proper maintenance of their machine to pollute the environment as little as possible.

Once the car stopped, a 'Free Acceleration Test’ is performed. Then a device called the 'Smoke Meter', placed in the exhaust system, measures the degree of smoke, while a policeman thoroughly verifies the oil temperature of the engine. "This temperature must not exceed 60 degrees," says Inspector Breaststroke. The transmission belt, the quality of diesel are also inspected.

The audits are ongoing. "If the smoke opacity of the four-wheel exceeds 50%, it is a violation of law. The driver then scoop a fine, "says Inspector Dimba. If the camera screen displays "pass", it means that the opacity of smoke emitted by the vehicle does not exceed the average of 50%. The word "fail" is displayed when this level is exceeded.

During the maneuver, the device may indicate a rate above 70%. The officer then informs the driver that the legal limit is crossed and it largely has to pay a fine. And that's not all. A "prohibition notice" it is also given which states that the vehicle needs servicing.

Before he could hit the road, a second test should be performed at a control center for the National Transport Authority (NTA) to confirm that the vehicle standards.

"In any case, the driver must tear this 'prohibition notice'. This note indicates that the driver has no choice but to take the vehicle to the revision and control center of the NTA, "said the inspector Dimba.

For gasoline vehicles, cleaner fuel than diesel, the same procedure applies if they emit smoke too opaque. Maintenance is essential to remove the 'prohibition notice'.

The amount of the fine for an opacity greater than 50% is Rs 1000. During the course of Tuesday, the driver of a pickup truck was fined for that reason. Yet, despite the controls on our roads, some buses are ... clearly not up to standard. They drive at breakneck letting out thick black smoke behind them. "Why are not they fined? "Indignant motorists.