Pollution: 420 Vehicles Sanctioned

11 years ago - 28 May 2012, Le Matinal
Pollution: 420 Vehicles Sanctioned
Vehicles seem to smoke again appeared on our roads as in the 70s. NTA and the rampant police against motorists, drivers of buses and other heavy vehicles that roll driving polluting vehicles.

The officers of the NTA and the police do checks on vehicles almost every day in the four corners of the country.

Vehicles that emit excessive smoke had better regulate their jets. Just last year, the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the police of the Environment have each issued Prohibition Notices 215 and 130 respectively.

This is mainly buses and trucks that have been sanctioned by the authorities.

Since the beginning of the year they issued 75 prohibitions including 45 records from the NTA and 30 by the police of the Environment. These vehicles are then directed to the Fitness Center for an overview. Only after the necessary repairs evidenced by a certificate of safety fitness that vehicles are allowed to drive on public roads.

The side of the NTA, we were also advised that it is mainly older vehicles that emit excessive smoke.

To date, the Diesel is available 50S. This new grade of fuel, which contains ten times less sulfur than the diesel currently used 500S, will be more refined less polluting our daily environment.

This new fuel us closer to standards that are underway in Europe and North America and will have no negative effect on vehicles that have old engines.