Porsche Transport Truck Wrecks While Carrying Secret 911 Test Mule

6 years, 1 month ago - 14 February 2017, Carbuzz
Porsche Transport Truck Wrecks While Carrying Secret 911 Test Mule
Engineering the aerodynamics behind a semi truck is nowhere near as sexy as being one of the designers who pens the curvaceous and wind-friendly lines of the latest supercar.

But it's a job that's arguably more important. Unlike the uncovered transporters you see delivering cars from the factory to the dealership (drive along California's Interstate 5 and the trucks are filled with Teslas), this particular covered truck was filled with Porsches that were not for dealership stock, customer use, or even the public eye.

That's because on board were two test vehicles, one of which was a test mule for the new Porsche 992 911. Both cars, along with the semi truck's trailer, appear to be totaled beyond salvaging. The reason for the crash appears to be high winds, which, if fast enough, can push on the side of a trailer hard enough that it topples. This is either a testament to the strength of the winds at the crash site, the relatively poor trailer design, or proof that Porsche has worked so hard to reduce weight on its next generation of cars that a pair of them can't even serve as paperweights. Luckily, the truck driver and nearby motorists were unharmed, meaning the only real long-term damage done is a slight hiccup for Porsche's engineering team.

Thanks to the team's rampant pace of work we've been receiving a glut of next-generation Porsche 911 spy shots depicting the coupe and its Cabriolet counterpart testing in the snow, but given these recent developments, future spotting may be put on hold. What we do know about the new car is that it'll share some components with the Audi R8 in order to help the Volkswagen Group save cash without doing so at the expense of driving dynamics. Who knows, maybe this was a sign from up above that Porsche should remain pure.