This Is A Ram 2500 Truck Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

6 years, 4 months ago - 28 September 2016, Carbuzz
Ram 2500 Truck
Ram 2500 Truck
The range of Ram trucks don't mess around, they're big, mean and can go just about wherever you want them to.

As is the norm with truck owners, they often like to treat their trucks to upgrades, both on the visual front as well as on the mechanical side of things. These upgrades are even done on trucks that will never see any offroad action, basically if there's a way to make a truck a little more badass it should be done - we're pretty sure that's written in law somewhere too.

A company that's often chosen to make trucks and other on/off road vehicles even better, AEV, has just released a complete package for the Ram 2500 / 3500 that sees things changed and improved in all the right places. It's given its upgrade package the perfectly apt name of the Prospector XL. The name alludes to the fact that you can get to remote places, just like the prospectors back in the day, and the XL part, well there's no explanation needed there. Additions and upgrades include a steel front bumper that has a pair of massive ductile iron tow loops and can also accommodate a 16,500 lbs winch. There's also DualSport suspension system with AEV-tuned Bilstein shocks in the Prospector.

Heavy duty AEV diff covers are fitted for rock protection and for the extra suspension travel there's some nice and fat Highmark fender flares that make the mild 3-inch lift and the large 40-inch tires on Katla wheels look perfectly in proportion. Taking a gander higher up it adds a special (and really good looking) heat reduction hood as well as a raised air intake for when the sticky stuff gets deep. The Prospector package also offers two different leather options. The base package comes in at $17,354, but ticking all the boxes will see that rise by a fair amount. You also get a 3-year / 36,000 mile warranty when your spec your Ram truck with a Prospector XL package.