Renault rolls out full details on new Samsung SM7

11 years, 5 months ago - 13 August 2011
Renault rolls out full details on new Samsung SM7
You may recognize the name Samsung for its electronics. Maybe even some home appliances. But cars? The Korean industrial giant produces a line of automobiles for domestic consumption in collaboration with Renault. Together, they make a range of sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers, and this is the latest.

Called the SM7, the new sedan was previewed a couple of months ago, but now that it's ready to hit the Korean market, Renault/Samsung has released a small batch of new images along with all the details.

The product of some 32 months and over $300 million of development, the new SM7 is larger than the Nissan Maxima-based model it replaces. Two V6 engines from the third-generation VQ family are available – a 2.5-liter unit with 190 horsepower or a larger 3.5-liter unit with 258 hp – both mated to a six-speed paddle-shift automatic.

The (relatively) luxurious and well-appointed cabin on this flagship sedan, meanwhile, features aviation-inspired headrests that look very comfortable for the passengers, but for the driver look (a) like they'd keep your head up straight should you fall asleep behind the wheel, and (b) to us like a terrible idea.

Prices have commensurately increased a bit over the old model, but that's only a concern if you live in a market where Samsung cars are available.