Rezvani Tank Looks Wild With Massive Lift, Forgiato Wheels

4 years ago - 20 March 2019, motor1
Rezvani Tank Looks Wild With Massive Lift, Forgiato Wheels
Tank it to the bank.

The Rezvani Tank is arguably one of the craziest looking SUVs sold today. So how do you make this SUV even crazier? By lifting it and plugging it on a set of Forgiato wheels wrapped in knobby tires.

Whipped up by Instagram user Innov8 Design Lab, this Rezvani Tank is the sort of thing made to populate the backgrounds of computers and smartphones. And although this image appears to show an incredibly real SUV, this Tank is actually little more than a digital render of what a Tank owner could do with enough money and imagination.

Still, that's not stopping us from lusting over the image. With its off-road-ready ride height and military-spec paint job, Innov8 Design Labs's Tank appears ready to tackle Moab. (Or an extraterrestrial planet.) Given the real-life Tank's rugged Jeep Wrangler underpinnings, such a feat is certainly possible.

While we remain enamored with the Tank's exterior styling, a recent stint behind-the-wheel of the big Rezvani left us with mixed emotions. While the SUV's beastly 500-horsepower 6.4-liter V8's kick left us with grins the size of Texas plastered across our faces, the Tank's interior, which shares much of its key pieces with the Wrangler, left us wanting.

Still, it's hard to argue against a vehicle that looks this good. If you like the Tank and have the money to afford its $165,000-plus price tag, then we'd suggest following Innov8 Design Lab's lead and adding a lift kit and Forgiato wheels to the thing.