Samsung Shows Off See-Through Truck Tech

7 years, 7 months ago - 29 June 2015, Autoblog
Samsung Shows Off See-Through Truck Tech
Would you trust that camera? That's a fair question to ask after Samsung efforts to work on so-called "see-through" technology that captures footage of what's going on in front of a particular truck and projects that image onto the back of the big rig.

The idea is to give cars driving behind semi trucks a view of what's going on in front so that they can pass trucks more safely.

South Korea-based Samsung, which has made news in these parts through its work on lithium-ion batteries for plug-in vehicles, says the setup is all in the name of safety. That's because one of the most common causes of traffic fatalities is when a car tries to pass another car or truck on a two-lane highway. Obviously, misjudging the distance of an oncoming vehicle often leads to catastrophic circumstances.

That's why Samsung's working on technology in which a wireless camera is attached to the front of a big rig, with monitors on the back of the truck relaying that footage. The company said the prototype truck it was using "is no longer operational," which is curious, but that it will try to work with various governments and their "national protocols" to see how this feature can eventually be used for semi trucks.