See Ford Bronco And Jeep Wrangler Climb Rocks In Direct Comparison

2 years, 7 months ago - 11 August 2020, motor1
See Ford Bronco And Jeep Wrangler Climb Rocks In Direct Comparison
The off-roaders are already going head-to-head at Moab.

The last several days have brought us all kinds of real-world Ford Bronco excitement. It started with a series of pictures and videos showing Ford's new off-roader on the challenging Rubicon trail. An official Ford clip from Moab followed, but the short clip above from compares the Bronco to the Jeep Wrangler in a rock-climbing challenge.

It's not a random comparison, either. The video shows three vehicles – two Broncos and the single Jeep – climbing the same rock. Both Broncos are Badlands models, with the Jeep being a JL-era Unlimited Rubicon. All three vehicles are said to be stock, with 33-inch tires at all four corners. The two-door Bronco with its short wheelbase has the easiest time, scampering up the rock with little fanfare. The four-door Bronco also went up without hesitation. The Jeep, however, appeared to bottom out and had to reverse down for another try. It eventually made the climb, though we don't see it on video.

Before going further (and before the Jeep fans erupt into a frenzy in our comments section), here are some points to consider. Obviously the objectivity of this comparison in questionable for a couple of reasons, the first being the clip coming from a dedicated Ford Bronco forum that, presumably, is filled with people who love the new off-roader. We also don't see the Jeep's actual ascent (it ultimately climbs the rock) so a follow-up run with a better line could've seen the Wrangler tackle the rock without issue.

Second, the Jeep is said to be part of the Bronco's fleet as a support and tow vehicle. With these Broncos technically being pre-production prototypes, it makes sense to have an established production vehicle along for assistance. It's also most definitely an opportunity for Ford to evaluate the Bronco with its primary competitor, but that means a Ford employee is likely behind the Jeep's wheel. With cameras running, it wouldn't be tough to make the Jeep look bad amid the Bronco prototypes.

Still, with no first drive events or media vehicles available, this is our first look at a direct Bronco-Wrangler comparison on the road less traveled.