See How The Hyundai Staria Minivan Actually Looks In Real Life

1 year, 10 months ago - 26 March 2021, motor1
See How The Hyundai Staria Minivan Actually Looks In Real Life
When Hyundai revealed the Staria minivan last week, the automaker described the design of the vehicle as "future-oriented, innovative exterior resembling a spaceship." We rarely agree with the marketing language used in the industry but this brief explanation sounds pretty accurate to us.

There’s no denying the design of the Staria will be the MPV’s main talking point here since the model has been developed only for Hyundai’s domestic market. In other words, we are (probably) never going to drive one and judge its qualities, so all we can do for now is take a look at how it looks.

The official photos didn’t really give a context as to how big the Staria is. Being an 11-passenger minivan, it’s obviously not small and a new video shows its massive size compared to what seems like a previous generation Hyundai Tucson. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t have English subtitles and our South Korean is not really great, but you’ll learn a lot about the model by just watching the footage.

The official gallery released for the model showed the range-topping Premium trim level with a glitzy radiator grille, full-LED headlights, and bespoke 18-inch alloy wheels. In the video though, the Staria seems to be featured in a lower grade with a somewhat weird two-tone exterior color combo and slightly toned down wheels. The interior doesn’t feature the debut vehicle’s snazzy brown leather but still looks nice and practical.

Unfortunately, Hyundai hasn’t released technical specifications for the Staria minivan yet. We don’t know anything about what’s hiding underneath the skin, through the video provides a look at the rear axle which appears to be featuring a multi-link suspension setup.