Singapore's First Ever Hypercar Revealed With Williams F1 Engineering

6 years ago - 19 January 2017, Carbuzz
Singapore's First Ever Hypercar Revealed With Williams F1 Engineering
The Vanda Dendrobium all-electric hypercar will be debuting at this year's Geneva.

This year's Geneva Motor Show promises a host of new car reveals, but here's one we didn't expect: a new hypercar from Singapore. Ahead of its global reveal on March 7, Vanda Electrics has teased its first ever all-electric hypercar called the Dendrobium. Shown in a series of teaser images, Vanda Electrics has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering, which provides its technical and engineering expertise to the Williams Group and Formula 1 team, as a technical partner.

Williams' influence has been applied to the Dendrobium's aerodynamics, composites, batteries and electric drivetrains. Vanda says the Dendrobium will feature an automatic roof and doors which open in a synchronized manner.

It supposedly resembles a dendrobium flower, in case you were wondering where the name stemmed from (no pun intended). The emphasis on aerodynamics and downforce can certainly be seen in the Dendrobium's striking shape, with large air intakes on its snarling front-end and its massive fixed rear wing dominating the full width of the car."Dendrobium is the first Singaporean hypercar and the culmination of Vanda Electrics' expertise in design and technology," Vanda Electrics CEO Larissa Tan commented. "We are delighted to be working with Williams Advanced Engineering, world-leaders in aerodynamics, composites and electric powertrains.

The Dendrobium is inspired by nature and rooted in technology, a marriage of design and engineering – I can't wait to reveal the car to the world in March." No technical details were revealed, but the initial announcement last year claimed that the Dendrobium will deliver 1,500 horsepower and a 0-100 km/h time of around 2.6 seconds.