Some cars run on ethanol this year

11 years, 11 months ago - 15 June 2011
Some cars run on ethanol this year
Carburize your vehicles from ethanol will be a reality this year. This, at least, what Unienville said Jacques, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group Omnicane at Morning, Tuesday.

"We are ready. We are finalizing the last details of the project. We have already received government approval in principle for the sale of ethanol on the local market. We are now awaiting a policy decision of government that does s'aurait delay, "he added.

Jacques Unienville also said that this project is in the "interest" from everyone because of ethanol blends will firstly reduce the dependency of gas, reduce pollution from pots vehicle exhaust, to get as close to the concept Maurice Ile Durable and share revenues from this new product with small farmers who own molasses.

To launch this project, the group joined Omnicane Alcodis Distillery Ltd., which currently produces ethanol to the foreign market.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed to implement the project. From tests using a gas distribution company on the engines of vehicles have proved inconclusive. At least 10 to 15% ethanol can be blended with gasoline to fuel up the vehicles by the designers.

The project is called feasible because during the Second World War more than 60% of fuel used in Mauritius was ethanol fueling vehicles and tractors.

"This has helped the country. With the vision of Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, we will make ethanol project a true national project with partners such as small planters, the Sugar Investment Trust and sugar. The profits will be shared for the good of all" said the CEO Omnicane Sunday. Asked by The Morning, the Minister of Agro-Industry Faugoo Satish said that an interdepartmental committee chaired by the PMO is actively working on the case. "This project will be a reality very soon. We are taking into consideration several factors that are very important. The PMO will decide on the matter in due course." To enable the realization of the project, Omnicane intends to come forward with a distillery producing 22.5 million liters of ethanol per year at The Hut.

"With a view to Mitigate Pollution The Associated With The use of fossil fuels, Omnicane IS Currently Working Towards Establishing year ethanol distillery of 22.5 million liters per year capacity at The Hut.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has Already Been Signed Between Alcodis and Omnicane pour la Transfer Of The distillery unit Identified To The Site. Energy Requirements for The Distillery Will Be With The optimized biomass available & the slop Produced Will Be Used to Produce Organic liquid fertilizer for use in sugar cane production. The production of biofuel cater pour la CAN 10% gasoline blend With Consumed in Mauritius, "said a document Omnicane about the project.

Omnicane in figures

Launched in June 2009 through a strategy of rebranding Mon-Trésor/Mon-Désert Ltd. (MTMD) Omnicane is engaged in the production of cane sugar, electricity, flowers, food crops and venison. The group has stirred a turnover of 102.1 million U.S. dollars in 2009. The group's assets were valued at 484.8 million (USD) during the same year. MTMD has belonged to several groups including Lonrho, Illovo Sugar Ltd.. It is one of the first five companies to its IPO.