Total Mauritius Launches Next Generation Fuel "TOTAL Effimax"

9 years, 5 months ago - 25 August 2013, Défi Media Group
Total Mauritius Launches Next Generation Fuel "TOTAL Effimax"
Roll over with a full, optimize engine performance and extend the life of the vehicle, as are the promises of Total Mauritius with new fuels - diesel and without lead Effimax Effimax.

These new fuels, already successfully distributed internationally by Total, are now available in all TOTAL service stations in Mauritius. The launch was announced at a press conference in the presence of Anne-Solange Renouard, CEO and Sekar Naidu, Director Commercial.
Fruit of expertise in research and development of the Total Group, TOTAL Effimax is a new generation of innovative fuels with additives that improve fuel properties and their actions on the engine. So full of TOTAL Effimax allows each driver to make more savings in terms of fuel consumption per kilometer. Many tests were conducted to ensure that the product is suitable for all engine types and ages.
"At Total Mauritius, our goal is to offer drivers the best of technology by providing this new range of fuels. We will pay to all costs associated with the commercialization of Effimax so that the pump price remains unchanged, "said Anne-Solange Renouard. "Our aim is to go further with our customers by offering quality products and services," she adds. "TOTAL Effimax meets the expectations of our customers who are looking for economical solutions, innovative products and environmentally friendly," said for his part, Sekar Naidu.
TOTAL Effimax differs from traditional fuels by three main advantages:
More Savings
TOTAL Effimax reduce fuel fouling the engine. This results in lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.
More performance
Through its components, TOTAL Effimax optimizes the combustion properties of fuels and therefore makes the engine more efficient.
More protection
Reducing fouling TOTAL Effimax ensures a clean carburetors, injectors, valves, and therefore the entire engine is better protected against premature wear. Keeping the engine clean, TOTAL Effimax also reduces emissions due to carbon residues.TOTAL Effimax is part of the Eco-services program, which allows motorists to reduce their fuel consumption.
Furthermore, using lubricant Quartz INEO ECS is the latest Total lubricants and also reduces fuel consumption, and adopting eco-tips Total, customers can achieve even more savings while being environmentally friendly.
Presentation of Total and Total Mauritius Ltd
Total is one of the world's major oil and gas groups, with activities in more than 130 countries. The Group is also a leading player in the field of chemistry. Its 97,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry: exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, gas and new energies, trading, and chemicals. They help satisfy the global demand for energy, present and future. Present in Mauritius since May 1956 Total Mauritius Ltd has a network of 45 service stations located throughout the island. Total Mauritius provides more than 300,000 metric tons of petroleum products per year to various sectors.