Tyres: Roll to Green

11 years, 2 months ago - 14 March 2012, The Défi Media Group
Tyres: Roll to Green
Protect the environment by using eco-friendly tires is possible for some time. The green tires not only reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, but also fuel consumption. The only catch: the price!

Being green begins with things sometimes, the simplest. It thus suffices to change tires for his car turns green.

At ABC Marketing, tires meet the standards of Rolling Resistance Coefficient (RRC). "The RRC is authorized by the order of 0.001. At home, we offer tires of 0.004, which is also very respectable. We sell tires Hankook and Vredestein range, both ecological and reduce fuel consumption, "said Adrian Lam, the head. 

When asked how the tires allow environmentalists to save fuel, Dr. Lam Us say: "Everything is related to friction. Green tires offer less friction on the road. As a result, the car is running much easier and uses less fuel to move and therefore loose less carbon dioxide in nature. " 

Consumption is reduced, according to our interlocutor, "The eco-friendly tires let you save 21% fuel on an average 100 km travelled. " 

To make such savings, however, there is another criterion to meet. Adrian Lam says: "In Mauritius, you will not find anyone who will tell you it saves fuel with green tires. The reason is simple, because the Mauritians do not pay any attention to the pressure of their tires. Indeed, to save money on fuel and tires must be maintained at adequate pressure. " 

To drive green, the coating of the tire is just as important as Clarel Adam, Technical Sales at Outdoor Hi-Q Tyre Centre. "Gum is the design that characterizes ecological tire rubber. These patterns also influence the friction. "Available in different sizes, the tire is unsuitable ecological However, all types of vehicles. "Customers will find in our green tires of different sizes. But in some cases, the cars will not find all the tires to their wheels. Which is a shame. "      

What is even more so is the price! "There is not too long ago, the importers were not paying the 30% tax on eco-friendly tires they imported. This measure is no longer de rigueur, we had no choice but to pass on to consumers. So that customers are now paying the tires slightly more expensive and environmentally it is better to get rid of tires that are more traditional pollutants, "points out Adam Clarel. The price of green tire is available from Rs 1700, depending on the size.