Uber Puts the Brakes on in Spain

8 years, 2 months ago - 8 January 2015, Autoblog
Uber Puts the Brakes on in Spain
The growing global backlash against Uber has reached Spain, as courts in the European country have ordered the company to cease operations within its borders.

In a particularly harsh ruling against the ride-booking service, the judge not only deemed Uber's services illegal according to Spanish law and constituting unfair competition to licensed taxi drivers, but also ordered that Spanish banks and telecom providers stop supporting the app-based service.

Although the ruling was reportedly issued last month, Uber says it only received the order last week and would appeal the decision, but would comply with the court's order in the meantime. The appeal process, however, could take months. The company has only offered its low-cost UberPop service in Spain.

Spain isn't the only country that is pushing back against Uber's popularity. It's not even the only country in Europe: France has issued a similar ruling, and while Belgium and Germany have as well, judges there are reportedly allowing Uber to continue operating while the decisions are appealed. Further east, Taiwan, Seoul, South Korea, and Delhi, India, have issued their own bans against Uber.