UBS suspended a driver for refusing to take the wheel

11 years, 8 months ago - 7 July 2011
UBS suspended a driver for refusing to take the wheel
A driver of the United Bus Service (UBS) cries for injustice.

Anwar J. was suspended from duty for 4 days for refusing to take the wheel. He said he made this decision because the buses that were entrusted to him were not in good condition.

Deny that the leadership of UBS and the National Transport Authority (NTA). Anwar J. says the company was called before a disciplinary committee and told him that his "attitude could lead to his dismissal." deplores the driver how to make company officials.

"The buses that told me had several technical failures. I complained. But 15 minutes after my complaint, a bus that I pointed left the garage with a chauffeur at the wheel working part time. I can not put my life in danger! "He told Radio Plus in mid-day. 

The management of UBS denies the allegations of Anwar J. She explained that the NTA has sent his officers to check the status of the vehicles in question and that they found nothing abnormal.

Cyril Appa Jala, Transport Controller of the NTA confirms the version of the management of UBS. "We have received complaints about three buses. I asked the inspectors to check the status of these vehicles. They submitted a report and found nothing wrong. Now, if drivers and bus conductors maintain the buses include technical failures, the company must do what is necessary in bringing vehicles to the Department of the NTA Fitness for a closer look, "says he.