US: School bus driver fired after driving kids through floodwater

5 years, 9 months ago - 30 April 2017, Autoblog
US: School bus driver fired after driving kids through floodwater
A school bus driver in Connecticut was fired this week after she moved barricades to drive her busload of kids down a road covered in floodwater.

According to WECT, Marsha McMillan, the driver of South Brunswick High School bus 372, was on her normal rounds on the morning of April 25 when she discovered that Highway 133 was closed due to flooding. Instead of turning around and finding a detour, McMillan hopped out, moved the barricades, and merrily drove into the water. Unfortunately for her, there was a witness.

Bruce Felker spotted McMillan fiddling with the barricades so he pulled out his phone and started recording.

"Came through and you can see in the video the water was to her headlights," Felker told WECT. "The barricades were butted together, so she really had to work at it to get through but she was bound and determined."

Jessica Swencki, a spokesperson for the Brunswick County Schools, said McMillan was fired after officials reviewed the video.

"Clearly this was a poor decision made by a driver this morning. There is no excuse for that conduct. "The driver's actions are inexcusable. Officials concluded the driver did not follow standard protocol when she ignored the road closure barricades and as a result is facing disciplinary action."

"I feel sorry that the lady made a mistake," Felker said. "We all make mistakes, but when it's the welfare of children, something has to be done."