Watch This Crunched Lexus Rx Suv Get A Second Chance At Life

5 years, 2 months ago - 7 December 2017, motor1
Watch This Crunched Lexus Rx Suv Get A Second Chance At Life
Not bad for six days of work.

A few weeks back we saw YouTuber and body repairman Arthur Tussik resurrect a BMW that would've been nothing but a parts car to most people. This time around he's back with a Lexus RX crossover, and while the damage isn't quite as extensive as that Bimmer was, his work is still quite impressive in getting it back into shape.

This project was apparently to help another individual looking to revive the Lexus, as it showed up to the shop with the engine and several front-end components already removed. It appears the SUV was involved in a frontal collision with the brunt of the impact felt on the right side, as damage was found not just on the main rail, but all the way back into the firewall. In fact, to untrained eyes, one might think this RX wasn't banged up that bad, but the time spent pulling the firewall back into shape – never mind cutting out a damaged section and replacing it – shows just how deep the impact can reach. It gives the term "hidden damage" a bit of perspective.

We're particularly impressed with the skill involved in getting everything upfront realigned, considering the entire right rail up to the firewall was removed and replaced with fresh bits. Not only did the firewall need pulling to realign with the already-replaced subframe, but the rail itself needed to be carefully positioned to match with the left rail. This is where a shop's laser measuring devices – not to mention extreme patience and attention-to-detail – trump any sort of hand-measurements done quick in a backyard barn. To Tussik's credit, his work seems to be spot-on.

Sadly, this time around we don't get to see a completely finished product. His mission was to handle just the major body repair, which took only six days. The RX owner will presumably handle the wrap-up with paint, trim, and of course, the powertrain. And just like that, another bruised auto will be back on the road.