Yamaha India Launches The 2023 FZ-S And FZ-X With Traction Control

1 year, 4 months ago - 20 February 2023, RideApart
Yamaha India Launches The 2023 FZ-S And FZ-X With Traction Control
The entry-level naked bikes bring minor tech and safety updates to commuters.

Yamaha’s small-displacement commuter lineup in the Asian market mirrors that of its bigger bikes available in the global scene. In the premium segment, bikes that carry the same name as the more premium models, such as the YZF-R15, MT-15, and XSR155, are extremely popular among practical commuters looking for stylish, decently performing machines to ride on the daily.

Below these so-called premium entry-level machines lie models like the FZ-S range, which are exceptionally popular in countries like India thanks to their robust engines mated to decent tech. The fact that they feature sporty styling also mirrored from Yamaha’s bigger bikes is a big plus, too. That said, for the 2023 model year, Yamaha has launched the FZ-S Version 4.0 and FZ-X with a slew of minor updates to the bikes’ styling, features, and performance.

To start with, the new Yamaha FZ range of bikes in India now have flex-fuel capabilities, meaning that they’re capable of running E20 fuel, or gas that’s made up of 20 percent ethanol. On top of that, the bikes are now outfitted with LED turn signals, a small albeit effective update that ties the look of the bike in much more closely to that of its premium counterparts. It also complements the bike’s sporty and aggressive styling.

One of the bigger updates to the FZ-S Version 4.0 and FZ-X is the addition of a traction control system for enhanced safety on wet, uneven, and low-traction road surfaces. Now, TCS on a bike with less than 15 horsepower may seem excessive, however, India’s road conditions are extremely unpredictable due to all sorts of weather and less-than-ideal road construction. So having the safety net of traction control will surely be to the benefit of both riders and pedestrians alike.

From a performance perspective, the FZ-S and FZ-X are both powered by a 149cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with an output of 12 horsepower and 9.8 pound-feet of torque. They’re underpinned by a steel backbone frame mated to standard telescopic forks and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. Braking duties are handled by front and rear disc brakes with ABS as standard.

The only differentiating factor between the FZ-S and FZ-X lies in their styling. In a similar manner as to how the MT and XSR ranges differ, the FZ-S, stylized more like the previous iteration of the MT-07, features a modern, naked streetfighter aesthetic. Meanwhile, the FZ-X is more of a neo-retro roadster with parallels to the Yamaha XSR700. Price-wise, the FZ-S Version 4.0 carries a price tag of Rs 1,27,400, which translates to approximately $1,540 USD. The FZ-X, meanwhile, is costlier at Rs 1,36,900, or $1,654 USD.