1951 Studebaker Fastback is the Woody that Never Was

il y a 9 années, 10 mois - 15 Novembre 2013, Autoblog
1951 Studebaker Fastback is the Woody that Never Was
A 1951 Studebaker fastback might not be the first vehicle to come to mind when we think "Woody," but here one sits on the SEMA show floor.

There's a reason for that: Studebaker didn't make a woody or a fastback in 1951, according to Hot Rod. Hill's Rod & Custom came up with the creation, hired a professional to design it and took on the challenge to build it.

The project had its ups and downs, and at one point it went up for auction before the shop could finish it. But one of its customers made the winning bid and took the car back to have it finished. It features and eyebrow-raising, 390-cubic-inch Ford Edsel V8 with an intriguing induction system, and Hill's had Art Morrison build a custom chassis for it.

We're just glad the machine was finished because it stands out as one of those rare, ultra-customized creations that somehow manages to look like it just rolled off the factory assembly line.